Take control of your energy consumption

Save time, money and contribute to a better environment.


Digital Systems

SenseNode help industries reduce power consumption.


Time Efficiency

Automation saves time and help you make informed decisions.


ROI during the first year

With our complete solution you will have added value and a better basis for energy savings. – Using our complete solution you add value and set the basis for future energy savings

Trusted by small and large businesses

Visualize the power consumption of your machines

SenseNode make it possible for businesses to automatically measure the power consumption of their facilities. Using our digital platform you get fast and easy access to real time values and trends on an aggregated or detailed level. You see when and where energy is consumed allowing real energy saving action. Support climate and the environment by becoming a more sustainable business.

Industry 4.0 creates the automated smart factory using digitalized production and intelligent communication.

Energy monitoring

Energy meters supply relevant data.

KPI Generation

Get detailed KPI data automatically.

Power Management

SenseNode help you optimize peak power usage.

Electrical power contract

Tailoring cost efficient power procurement for your company.

Operations Monitoring

Detect anomalies before they become a problem.

Production Analysis

Analyze your production whenever and however you want to.

A total solution for energy management

Get started with our user-friendly IIoT platform. We have collected various tools and functions that can be adapted to your needs.

Our future loyal customers

Systematic quality work

We have helped several industrial companies to significantly reduce their energy consumption.

Lukas Kwidzinski
Lukas KwidzinskiRisk Management Officer/Environmental Co-ordinator, Thule
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“Improving energy efficiency – Better than expected, we’re very happy. Easy to understand and access the right data.”
Christian Liljeberg
Christian LiljebergElingenjör, Trelleborg
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“Förbättrar energieffektiviteten, lätt att förstå sig på och ger tillgång till rätt data - bättre än väntat, vi är mycket nöjda med Sensenode.”
Mats Gustafsson
Mats GustafssonProduction Planner, Boliden
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“Vi kan nu se när en pump börjar gå sönder och planera underhåll. Får larm från Sensenode om underhållsbehov. Vid motorhaveri kan vi lätt följa upp vad som hände strax innan haveriet. Rekommenderas!”

Secure a reduced energy consumption for the future

With energy mapping and visualization, management can take the correct steps to reduce energy consumption. Stay ahead of your competitors using tools of the fourth industrial revolution.

Lower operating costs.

Keep costs within budget.

Reduce environmental impact

Co2 emissions and other harmful substances to the environment are reduced through improved energy- and production efficiency.

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