About us

SenseNode is dedicated to enabling energy intelligence in the manufacturing industry. With a strong focus on energy efficiency, we offer a comprehensive Energy Management System as a turnkey solution. Our primary focus lies in assisting the manufacturing industry overcome the challenges of energy savings and reduced carbon emissions. Backed by a team of dedicated electrical and energy engineers and using SenseNode’s cutting-edge analysis tools, we empower customers to optimize their energy consumption throughout the entire process, from implementation to analysis, adjustments, and follow-up. 

Long-term ownership

In 2022, Latour and Almi Greentech made strategic investments in SenseNode, establishing a foundation of steadfast and enduring ownership. This commitment empowers us to pursue the development of our first-class solution for the industry, aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and accelerating the achievement of their sustainability objectives.

Excellence in energy efficiency

At SenseNode, we believe that achieving exceptional energy efficiency should not be complicated. In fact, we simplify the process by work closely with our customers and understanding their unique operational requirements. Our team of experienced electrical and energy engineers are skilled and committed, ensuring a seamless transition towards energy efficiency. Our mission is to facilitate the integration of energy efficiency measures, ensuring our customers to be successful on their journey towards greater sustainability.

Our Commitment at SenseNode

At SenseNode, we foster an environment where our team members can thrive and grow professionally. We thoroughly select individuals who possess the right skill sets, unwavering dedication, and an unparalleled drive to execute projects with excellence. Our vision is to serve as a platform for mutual development, allowing us to unlock our collective potential and our customers. We embrace a long-term perspective and actively support one another on this transformative journey.

Join us on this exciting journey!

Join our team

If you share our values and aspirations, we welcome you to consider becoming a part of the SenseNode team. Below, you will find the current job opportunities available. Should you not find a suitable position, we encourage you to submit a spontaneous application to explore future possibilities.

Spontaneous application

In certain instances, we may not have specific roles actively advertised. However, if you believe you possess the qualities that align with SenseNode’s beliefs, we encourage you to reach out to us with your interest.

Available positions

Currently, we don’t have any vacancies.