The platform is built to be integrated into any system

Save time, money and contribute to a better environment.

Our systems are flexible and can be adapted to suit any business. We integrate existing meters / PLC's, SCADA systems, etc.

Sensenodes teknologi
IIOT Platform

Industrial Internet of things (IIoT)

Our solutions help you with digital transformation. Using IIoT you can monitor and control all devices through intelligent communications. With mesh networks, you get a better range and cover the entire facility. Connect your equipment and sensors to the SenseNode platform and gain real insights into your business.

Industry 4.0 creates an automated smart factory with digitized production and intelligent communication.

Gather everything in our secure cloud service

Measure and monitor your power consumption using wireless sensors. All data are securely integrated into a simple cloud solution.

Data Visualization

Get access to important insights and analyses to understand risks, trends and possibilities.

Visualize your energy data using IIOT

Our solutions help you with your digital transformation. Using IIoT you can monitor and control all devices by


Our wireless sensors are connected to your infrastructure, where they calculate and monitor power consumption. Go on to analyze and optimize how you consume your energy
The sensors are highly sensitive and measure very small changes.

Scalable data management


Equipment data are sent wirelessly to a hub from the sensors. Your existing network is not affected by the easily installed mesh network. The information is stored and used for monitoring and management.

Data overview 24/7


Access snapshots, trends and important values that you can easily present visually.
Using our modules you have access to powerful data that allow for better production management,

Visualization of data

Work productively in a digital facility

Feel secure with system integration and automation. Using our intelligent communication solution, you get new opportunities to update your business to the modern online industry. Our tools are customized to your needs allowing for a flexible digital workplace.
Reduce manual workload and working hours
– Using new smart technology, we help streamline your operations and infrastructure. In the process you get a more systematic work process.

Implementation Process

On site system feasibility study for 1-3 days.

Project Scope decided together with you as customer.

A turn key solution is adapted to customer requirements.

Followed by installation, commissioning, and training.

Energy monitoring

Energy meters make sure
you have relevant data.

Key Performance Indicator Generation

Detailed data for
your business.

Power Management

Take the right actions and
optimize power usage.

Power purchase

Tailoring a good
power purchase contract for your company.

Operations Monitoring

Easier to detect
problems early.

Production Analysis

Analyze your production
whenever and however you want to.

A total solution for energy management

Get started with our user-friendly IIoT platform. We have collected various tools and functions that can be adapted to your needs.

Lukas Kwidzinski
Lukas KwidzinskiRisk Management Officer/Environmental Co-ordinator, Thule
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Det här är verkligen en bra plattform, utifrån datarapporteringen har vi kunnat agera. Vi märkte besparingar redan från dag ett.
Christian Liljeberg
Christian LiljebergElingengör, Trelleborg
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Improving energy efficiency – Better than expected, we’re very happy. Easy to understand and access the right data.
Mats Gustavsson
Mats GustavssonProduction Planner, Boliden
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Vi kan nu se när en pump börjar gå sönder och planera underhåll. Får email larm från Sensenode om underhållsbehov. Vid motorhaveri kan vi lätt följa upp vad som hände strax innan haveriet.

Your profit margin is directly improved by increased energy efficiency.

Common questions

Working with new clients, we start with a feasibility study including site visits for 1-3 days. After, together with the customer we decide what is to be included in the project. SenseNode proposes a system and quote a turn-key EMS solution together with a system description adapted to customer requirements. Then follows installation, commissioning, and training. The whole process usually takes 3 months.

SenseNode delivers an easy-to-use EMS system for measurement and analysis of power consumption. The system shows trends in real-time, scans energy patterns to warn about anomalies and give you detailed statistics all aimed to reduce energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

The system gives users quick and simple access to snapshots, trends and important numbers for the entire facility, both on general and detailed levels. Our EMS solution analyzes different consumption variations for intelligent coordination of controls (for example only lights up parts of facilities where staff currently are).
Using an EMS solution from Sense Node with an open portal, companies can coordinate their systems to get a clear overview of their energy consumption and easily adapt to optimize this.

SenseNode Energy Management System measure both peak power usage and the average power consumption through a group of wireless sensors.
The results of the measurements are used as the basis for increasing energy efficiency performance. To measure is to know. The numbers allow you to make your decisions based on facts, not guesswork.

Our EMS solutions make it possible to distribute energy based on need and availability. We make it easy to monitor energy information on detailed and aggregated levels through our easy-to-use web application as well as in our mobile phone app. This way we create energy cost awareness.