Reduced Base consumption by 32% and total consumption of 13%

“This is really a great platform. Based on data reporting, we have been able to act. We noticed savings from day one.”

Lukas Kwidzinski

Environmental Coordinator, Thule

Thule använder SenseNodes plattform


Thule Group has high ambitions for the environment and energy consumption. Thule wanted to ensure that all processes were effective.


Through SenseNode systems, Thule Group has access to all the necessary information for energy parameters. The resolution goes down to machine level, enabling energy-efficiency work and continuous improvement.


One example of reducing consumption, is a production line that was discovered to have high base consumption, and even when
production stood still. Thanks to SenseNode’s system this energy leak became visible and we could identify the actions that needed to take place in order to reduce energy consumption.
Base consumption was reduced by 32% and total consumption by 13%


SenseNode delivers the easiest-to-use energy monitoring system on the market.
The system provides detailed information about where energy flows and its consumption data.
SenseNode now also implements AI functionality, for automatically detecting unnecessary
base-consumption, runtime, power peaks, energy per run, etc. for even easier savings. Get full control
of your energy, lower costs, achieve your potential targets and contribute to a better climate.
SenseNode delivers insights and real cost and energy savings for the Thule Group and other leading manufacturing industries.

Lukas Kwidzinski
Lukas KwidzinskiRisk Management Officer/Environmental Co-ordinator, Thule
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Det här är verkligen en bra plattform, utifrån datarapporteringen har vi kunnat agera. Vi märkte besparingar redan från dag ett.
Christian LiljebergElingengör, Trelleborg
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Improving energy efficiency – Better than expected, we’re very happy. Easy to understand and access the right data.
Mats GustavssonProduction Planner, Boliden
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Vi kan nu se när en pump börjar gå sönder och planera underhåll. Får email larm från Sensenode om underhållsbehov. Vid motorhaveri kan vi lätt följa upp vad som hände strax inna haveriet.

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