Energy efficiency – better profit margin and reduced risk

“By addressing energy
efficiency in rubber-processing machines, Trelleborg achieved increased productivity.”

Christian Liljeberg

Electrical engineer, Trelleborg

Trelleborg, en industri som använder SenseNode


Trelleborg wanted better control of their Energy Consumption. They needed energy efficiency measurements to reduce energy consumption in the organization’s machinery for rubber processing.


SenseNode installed an Energy Monitoring System that gave a comprehensive overview of production processes that make up the greater part of their energy usage. By enabling close monitoring of the production processes, Trelleborg could adjust power consumption and increase overall energy efficiency.


SenseNode analyzed energy consumption using collected data. The SenseNode solution allow Trelleborg to easily distinguish and identify best practices between different production lines. This information proved useful to remove unnecessary base load and save energy during rubber processing.


Sense Node delivers an open, flexible and secure IIoT platform for connecting all types of meters and sensors wirelessly or by wire. The platform can be integrated into existing systems or used as a standalone system. The platform is modular, scalable and future-proof.
The system provides detailed information about where energy flows and consumption data.
SenseNode also implements AI functionality, for automatic detection of unnecessary base load, runtime, power peaks, energy per run, etc. for even easier savings. Get full control of your energy usage, lower your costs, achieve your potential targets and contribute to a better climate.

Lukas Kwidzinski
Lukas KwidzinskiRisk Management Officer/Environmental Co-ordinator, Thule
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Det här är verkligen en bra plattform, utifrån datarapporteringen har vi kunnat agera. Vi märkte besparingar redan från dag ett.
Christian LiljebergElingengör, Trelleborg
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Improving energy efficiency – Better than expected, we’re very happy. Easy to understand and access the right data.
Mats GustavssonProduction Planner, Boliden
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