Why SenseNode

SenseNodes aims to contribute to the creation of a better world by assisting the manufacturing industry in understanding their energy consumption and reducing their carbon footprint

Sensenode Interface

As a preferred provider, SenseNode offers a comprehensive solution, including the installation of wireless IIoT sensors that collect real-time data from existing equipment, regardless of manufacturer or age. These data are transmitted to Energy Analytics, a SaaS solution that compiles and monitors selected energy values. The entire development process is closely coordinated with our customers to ensure top quality.

Our onboarding process is straightforward, we offer a scalable subscription model instead of a large upfront investment. This enables our customers to connect facilities both within and outside their region to gain insights into their organisation’s global energy consumption.

What motivates us at SenseNode?

Economic profitability and sustainability goals should complement each other to ensure long-term sustainability.

To be able to access the right information at the right time empowers informed decision-making.

To make energy efficiency easily achievable for manufacturing industries, contributing to a sustainable transition in the sector.

We are striving towards a sustainable transition

Sustainability is a pressing concern for current and future generations.

To support a green transformation, we have developed a way to measure an operation’s carbon footprint. Displaying the carbon footprint per unit produced creates transparency and simplifies sustainability reporting.

Sustainability drives increased profitability

Emphasizing the link between sustainability and profitability, we recognize the manufacturing industry’s significant energy consumption and costs in Sweden, accounting for 30% of total energy usage. To address this, reducing energy usage per unit produced is vital. Energy prices are rising, making a 10% reduction in energy consumption impactful for a business’s economics. By making energy visible in processes and tracking progress with clear energy optimization goals, businesses can enhance their sustainability efforts.

Possible to act on real-time data!

Through SenseNode’s platform, acting on real-time data becomes feasible, providing accurate insights without relying on time-consuming and often inaccurate calculations.

Our platform generates reports with actionable suggestions based on real-time energy usage data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their energy efficiency effectively.