Is the time before the next growth phase used optimally? 

March 26, 2024

There is talk that the economy could possibly start to lighten up in the second half of 2024. Everyone is looking forward to production starting to spin again after 2023's uncertainty and slowdown. Although the PMI for the industry fluctuates up and down on a monthly basis, the trend has been positive for a few months now, which may indicate that the bottom is starting to be reached. Sweden and the USA have the most positive purchasing managers if you disregard China, which is in growth according to Silf and Swedbank's Purchasing Managers Index for December 2023. 

If we believe that the trend curve will continue towards growth and that the order books will start to be replenished within the next six months, then it will be critical that the industry retains key competence in the companies so that they do not have to start with recruitments when it is time to increase production. Since the economy does not allow price increases and you want to keep staff in times of low production, it is logical to focus on cost savings. At least as long as you don't see a lightening in sight. But what do you do when you see the light at the end of the tunnel? 

Does your organization have faith in the future in 2024? 

Take advantage of the time until the order books are filled and production should increase again. Review the production's operational excellence before the upcoming growth phase in order to maximize production without unnecessary costs linked to unnecessary energy use and CO2- imprint is included.  


Treat energy as a commodity. Don't buy more than you need, minimize overflow and avoid burdening the distribution network more than you need to. After all, it is easier to save a kroner on the last line than to sell the equivalent of a kroner on the last line. If it is also an efficiency improvement that increases your productivity over time, the cost per unit produced becomes a pure business of profit. 


That said, take advantage of the time until the next growth phase so you can maximize production without increasing energy demand, straining the power capacity more than you need and also keeping CO2- the impact of energy production and distribution.

About SenseNode 

Our customers are large companies in the manufacturing industry that place high demands on quality, data accuracy and reporting. They work purposefully with sustainability and energy efficiency, without losing focus on the core business to strengthen competitiveness and profitability. These are companies that usually have high machine capacity, use a lot of energy (often over 5 GWh/plant), have billions of SEK in revenue and a network of several plants. 


SenseNode's user-friendly SaaS solution collects all the necessary energy data at a detailed level from the facilities, regardless of number or geographic location, all on one screen. With the help of SenseNode's solution, our customers have reduced their energy use by approximately 10-20%. In addition, the solution provides automatic reports, which facilitates the work of complying with legal requirements, such as CSRD.

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