Achieve your Sustainability Goals with Energy Optimization

Sustainability work in modern industries is as difficult as it is important. In a world of many different projects and initiatives, we help your company achieve results you can be proud of, which strengthens your brand and the company's sustainability profile. These results can also be reported according to existing legal requirements.

Sustainability in the larger manufacturing industry

Opportunities and Challenges

Sustainability work within larger manufacturing industries is crucial and often a strategic necessity. We regularly meet sustainability managers who work with many initiatives and goals but struggle due to limited time and resources. We are passionate about helping our customers with this important work through effective collaboration to achieve tangible results that you can be proud of. 

Let Energy Be Part of the Solution

Energy has an advantage in the sustainability work in that it affects all parts of the business. Although it is often invisible and not prioritized, there is great potential.


Three real advantages of involving SenseNode in sustainability work.

Detailed measurement

Accurate measurements and energy efficiency improvements can have a big impact, and much can be achieved without expensive investments.

Actual results

Fast results that do not affect quality and performance.

Easy reporting

Easier and better reporting for various legal requirements.

"Actively working with energy and having SenseNode as a partner is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors by making a difference immediately, often without expensive investments or long-term projects."

Maria Blomberg

Product Owner SenseNode

Easier Sustainability Reporting

The requirements for reporting are increasing with CSRD and EKL. Let the technology do the work and focus on implementing actual changes.  

Automatic Reports

With SenseNode's solution, you can get automatic reports that can be easily shared with relevant key people.

Open API - send data to other systems

Send data automatically to relevant systems such as sustainability reporting systems or business systems.

CO₂ per unit

Gain insight into emissions per produced product by connecting your production data with your energy data.

How do you work with energy efficiency to achieve your sustainability goals?

Feel free to talk to us about how we can facilitate sustainability work with automatic reporting and results to be proud of.

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