Complete solution for energy optimization


With SenseNode's solution, you get full control of your energy use. We provide technology, our proprietary analysis tool Energy Analytics and expertise in energy, so you can focus on your core business. 

Data collection ​

We integrate with existing meters or install our own wireless meters of high quality and low margin of error.​

Energy Analytics

The data is visualized and analyzed in Energy Analytics, where you easily get an overview of your energy data.


Our partnership program includes collaboration with an energy engineer from SenseNode as standard.

Energy Analytics

User-friendly Energy Management System (EMS) for an overview and control of your energy usage
Energy Analytics is a user-friendly Energy Management System developed in collaboration with our customers to meet the needs of the industry. It offers customizable dashboards and reports, is easy to use, and includes alerts and insights for efficient energy management. 
Reports and Dashboards

With customizable dashboards and reports, you gain real-time control and insight, facilitating quick decisions and compliance with energy management legal requirements, including CSRD and ISO 50 001.


With SenseNode's analysis tools you get a powerful and user-friendly toolbox to analyze fine-granular, real-time energy data, compare time series to identify cyclic variations and discover important correlations.


The alarm functionality gives you full control of your energy use through notifications in real time. Act immediately on deviations in the consumption pattern, such as high base load or peak power.


When Quality Matters

By integrating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and systems engineering, our solutions measure and manage energy efficiently, from voltage and current to all energy carriers, ensuring integration with existing systems without compromising data quality.

We measure power for real

To correctly measure electrical energy, both voltage and current must be measured, whereby the power is calculated as power = voltage * current. Our meters handle the varying variables and reactive loads that often occur in large industries.

All Energy Carriers Count

Energy comes in many forms and the overall picture is important. We provide both hardware and software to provide a comprehensive picture of your energy use. We can visualize and present all energy carriers in our software, regardless of whether we are talking about electricity, gas, steam, district heating, district cooling, water or hot oil.

Integrate existing meters

If there are already meters or data collection in place, we are happy to integrate these. This is done via standard protocols without losing data quality.


Partnership From Start to Finish

Continuously improving energy management goes beyond measurement; it is only the first step. That's why we offer all our customers an advisory program that includes experienced systematization, continuous energy efficiency improvement and in-depth investigations.

Energy metering structure

Together, we select measurement points in production for maximum overview.

Continuous improvements

You collaborate with our energy expertise to optimize your energy efficiency improvements through our continuous improvement cycle.


We assist with long-term solutions for energy issues, from ventilation investigations to contact with machinery equipment suppliers.

How do you work with the energy issue today?

Ask me how SenseNode can help you with expertise, measurement and software. 

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