Create the conditions for the business to deliver sustainable strategies according to the new CSRD directive

July 28, 2023

Companies' energy use is an important part of the new requirements placed on sustainability reporting according to the new EU directive CSRD, which comes into force from budget year 2024. This is where SenseNode can help you in your work to facilitate and create the right conditions for future strategies and savings.

Strategy and objectives with the CSRD directive

In order to be able to create processes, change and influence energy use in the long term and with it also energy costs, data collection at a detailed level is required. This is to then be able to make it visible, set goals, take measures and work with it throughout the business. To achieve this, the information you receive from the energy companies is not enough, as it is only aggregated information per main connection, i.e. you cannot see where in the process or which unit consumes a large amount of energy and which you cannot influence.


With SenseNode's solution, you quickly and easily get full insight into your total energy use - collection of data at a detailed level, analysis and reporting, and in this way you get a better basis for decisions and enable sustainable strategies for the future. SenseNode helps your entire business with the plan and process moving forward to gradually become more resource efficient linked to energy use. Our solution reaches all parts of the business at all levels and we add energy expertise to complement your existing expertise to optimize the business's energy performance.


- Create sustainable and long-term goals and strategies using detailed energy data.

-Cost-effective solution for the entire business, regardless of the number of facilities and location in the world

-Control of the business's energy use with proposals for measures to reduce energy consumption, save money and the environment.

Read more how SenseNode can help to simplify and facilitate the sustainability reporting within your business according to the new CSRD directive.

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