Sawmills can achieve many benefits by measuring and following where the energy goes. In addition to energy efficiency through operational and behavioral changes, you can gain insight into the processes, compare equipment, discover errors in dryers and work on optimizing drying times.  

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Compare Dryers

By comparing dry chambers, you can see and compare the energy profile of these. Get an overview of how energy consumption is distributed in order to improve energy efficiency and optimize processes.  

Climate shell

Is the insulation damaged or is the performance substandard? The insulation of the dry chamber has a great effect on the efficiency of the dryer.

Behaviors and routines

Ensure that the chamber dryer's heat is switched off when loading and unloading during the warm season. Avoid unnecessary operation of fans and pumps.


By measuring energy consumption in detail, you get a much better picture of each product's cost and profitability. Follow up the efficiency improvement work with relevant key numbers such as kWh/per dried volume (heat and electricity), kWh/per unit produced, etc.

More Than Just Dryers

Just like in other industries, a lot of energy is used in the side processes. Here you find possible simple savings without expensive investments.  


Need full lighting? Investigate whether it can be turned off or reduced outside production hours.

Idling loads

Measures for increased energy efficiency involve, among other things, reviewing the dimensioning and idle load of motors, compressors and other loads. Make sure these loads are really turned off when the business is not in operation.

The sawing process

Saw intake, decomposition and raw sorting are energy-intensive. Here you can, for example, optimize the sawing speed and reduce idling. The latter is done by turning off engine drives and machinery that are not needed at the moment, mainly outside production hours. Maintenance also affects energy use.

"It is often an aha experience when you compare the efficiency of dryers". In Energy Analytics you get it black on white. This in turn creates incentives for efficiency improvements.

Magnus Holfelt

Senior Energy Engineer, SenseNode

That's How Energy Analytics Helps

With Energy Analytics, you easily get information about your energy use. Below are some examples of features that are particularly relevant to sawmills. 

Scheduled alarms follow production cycles

With scheduled cyclical alarms, you ensure that power consumption is appropriate for each step of the process.

Visualization of energy data

Spread information about energy usage within the business. Whether it is current energy levels in dryers or data telling the lights should be turned off.

Correlation analysis

Compare different dryers or energy types, how is electrical energy consumed in relation to heat energy.

How can you review the efficiency of your dryers?

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