Maximize the Energy Benefit in Production

Make energy usage visible and gain control over where the energy is consumed. By measuring and analyzing energy data, you can discover several benefits in addition to energy efficiency. Two examples are reduction of machine wear and power peak managing.


The Energy Issue in Production

As a production manager, the focus is on effectively leading and optimizing the production processes to ensure high quality and efficiency. The production manager's challenge is to balance production requirements with the need to improve energy efficiency. 


SenseNode's solution actively supports production in areas such as:  

More Than Just Energy Efficiency Work

Gaining control over your energy usage has more benefits than just reduced and more efficient energy use.

Less downtime

Follow the energy profile of your machine and detect deviations early to reduce and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Check power peaks

Reduce the load on the equipment by working with start/stop routines to avoid unnecessary power peaks.

Monitoring and control of processes

Follow processes in real time and see what was previously invisible. Deviations in energy usage often indicate errors and problems that were not previously known or detected by control and regulation systems.

Do you lack energy skills?
No problem, we have it

As a customer of SenseNode, the advisory program is included, where experienced energy engineers guide you in energy efficiency and support your organization.
Some benefits for you as a customer:  

We Measure Everything

In an environment with many energy types and data sources, it is important to be able to measure everything. We can provide meters, and integrate equipment that measures everything related to energy.

Let the Software Do the Work

Dashboards with real-time data

Customized dashboards where you can follow production in real time.

Analysis down to the minute level, over time

Examine data down to the minute level and up to annual trends. In our modern software, it is easy to delve into the details, analyze energy data over longer time series, make comparisons between different time periods and before/after measures.

Alarm function

Set alarms to check base loads and power peaks. Use the schedule function to schedule alarms so that, for example, they only apply on weekends or outside production hours.

How do you ensure that production has no unnecessary energy use when you go home for the day?

Talk to us about how you can easily ensure the machines are turned off when you go home for the day, and other ways to improve energy usage in production.  

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