Energy Efficiency Improvement and Energy Monitoring

SenseNode is a comprehensive supplier with broad expertise in energy efficiency work. We help the manufacturing industry meet the challenges of energy savings and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. We do this by optimizing the use of energy in their operations with the help of SenseNode's analysis tool Energy Analytics and our dedicated electrical and energy engineers. From implementation to analysis and follow-up, with a focus on optimizing energy use. Our solution is currently installed in many industries and the number of installations is steadily increasing. 

Currently, our customers are spread over four countries, primarily the Nordics as well as Germany and Poland.  
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The company has shown aggressive growth in recent years, where our overall concept with an emphasis on energy collaboration and cloud-based software has proven to be a winning concept.

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We currently have around 50 customers ranging from the food industry to the metal, plastic and forestry industry. These are often large groups with many sites, where the operations have a significant energy consumption, usually at least 5 GWh per site. This means energy efficiency work and sustainability are highly prioritized issues.

With Roots in Ericsson

SenseNode was founded in 2013 by engineers with a background from Sony Ericsson and a lot of knowledge about wireless technology. At this time, the vast majority of major industries lacked an effective solution to measure energy wirelessly and continuously, as well as the ability to visualize and analyze energy data. The basic idea was born from this need. 

Founded in
From research to growth

Since the founding, the company has subsequently gone through a number of different phases. In the initial years, SenseNode was a research company where technology for wireless electricity measurement and software was developed in close cooperation with large industries in various pilot projects. Around 2019-2020, SenseNode entered a commercialization phase with a focus on growth. During this phase, a completely new internal organization was established where with its own electrical engineers, energy engineers and developers. This resulted in new version of our software solution, the cloud-based analysis tool Energy Analytics was born. This was well received by the market.

Head office in Lund

We are located in Lund in the Ideon area, close to the university and the continent. An excellent environment for innovation and collaboration. From here, we can quickly get to our customers in the Nordics and the rest of Europe.

Long-Term and Stable Ownership

In 2022, Latour and Almi Greentech joined as investors in SenseNode. With stable and long-term owners, we can continue to develop a first-class solution for companies to be able to make their operations more energy efficient and achieve their sustainability goals. 

Work With Us

At SenseNode, we want our colleagues to thrive and develop. We hire people we really believe in - with the right skills, a burning commitment and unbeatable power to execute. Our goal is for SenseNode to be a place where we can grow together and realize each other's and our customers' potential, by thinking long-term and supporting each other. If you succeed, SenseNode succeeds! 


At the moment we do not have any open positions, but feel free to send in a spontaneous application.  

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