Energy – A Strategic Issue

In order to be able to maintain growth with profitability, control costs, become credible in sustainability work and ensure legal compliance that withstands a closer examination linked to energy use, high-quality energy data is needed that is traceable and time-stamped at a detailed level.

Management Sets the Priority

Start by putting the energy issue on the agenda by setting a clear goal, write an energy policy, create an energy group with responsible people. Secure a partner who can offer conditions for all stakeholders in the organization insights on the energy usage.


Energy costs are volatile, which is a risk you should keep under control. Energy efficiency work is often linked to costly investments, but we believe that the work starts with considering energy as a raw material where waste and unnecessary energy use can be reduced by 10-20% before you need to start investing.


Management is responsible for achieving the goals. It requires anchored processes, measurable results, and contributions from the entire organization. Energy efficiency is an important aspect of sustainability work in everyday life.

Law compliance

The EU, the financial sector, governments, your customers and other stakeholders have high expectations and want to be able to compare your results against competing companies. Joint regulations such as CSRD/ESRS, EED, the Accounting Act and GDPR set requirements for traceability and secure processes that must withstand a closer examination.

There Is a Modern and Smarter Way to Work With Energy

Many industries still do manual and inefficient energy measurements and energy efficiency work. Unclear processes, outdated and difficult-to-use systems, old meters or no meters at all cause the work to be delayed and reactive. The positive news is that SenseNode offers a modern and smart way to work on the issue. Our solution is easy to install with an easy-to-use interface for the entire business. We also add qualified competence in the form of energy engineers and a structured processes for energy work.  

Measure and understand of where the energy goes

With access to real-time data and visualization of energy, we make it easy for a manufacturing industry to find out where the energy goes in the business and what adds up to your power peaks. You get an overview of base loads and what they consist of, you can compare machines and production lines with each other and analyze energy usage during production vs. outside production hours.

Natural part of the business

By making energy measurement and energy efficiency work a natural part of your everyday life, you take the business's efficiency and sustainability work to the next level. The key is to connect the purpose of the technology, integrate it into your existing processes, and make it easy for your staff to act energy-smart.

We Add Energy Competence and Execution Power

Experienced energy engineers

We pair you with an experienced energy engineer who leads the energy efficiency work based on the data that is collected.

What and how about data collection

We help you build a sustainable and efficient data collection. Partly by making use of any existing measurement, partly by supplementing with additional measurement.

Information sharing

We help you spreading the information regarding the energy issue within your organization through shareable reports, dashboards and information materials.

"With a more demanding legislation and an increased focus on sustainability, it is more important than ever to take actual measures that produce immediate results. These measures are good for the bottom line, but above all, they are good for the climate."

Erik Anderson

CEO, SenseNode

What Will You Get?

Most of our customers have succeeded in reducing and streamlining their energy usage by 10-25%. Several customers have also seen savings linked to operation and maintenance. Simplified reporting and follow-up are other advantages.  

Up to 25% increased energy efficiency without investment
0 %
Reduced costs at the bottom line

Energy efficiency means sustained cost savings directly on the bottom line. One million in saved energy costs increases your profit and thus raises the company's value/share price.

Lower footprint per unit produced

You can show actual progress and results of your sustainability efforts.

Increased quality and profitability

Working with energy efficiency creates ripple effects in the form of process improvement. We have customers who have combined energy efficiency work with production efficiency and thus achieved increased product quality and production capacity.


Contact us for other questions about management and energy work. 

Who does the work?

The work is carried out together, in close cooperation, between your organization and our energy engineers. On the customer side, it is often people from production, maintenance and/or property/electricity who carry out the work and are responsible for the implementation of concrete measures. At management level, energy data is primarily used for follow-up and reporting.

How does the collaboration work in practice?

Our energy engineers spend time each month analyzing your energy data and working with dedicated analysis tasks. At the same time, you are responsible for carrying out measures based on what has come to light at previous meetings. This work is then followed up in a monthly meeting where, you together with our engineers, discuss possible energy efficiency improvements and savings that have been identified, as well as follow up on implemented measures and achieved results. This is then documented and shared with you.

How do you incorporate the work with energy efficiency into processes?

Talk to me about how you measure, create processes and work with continuous improvement.

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