ISO 50001 sets requirements for energy measurement

April 22, 2023

Do you want to take control of the business's energy use? Are you considering ISO 50001? A first step is to get started with energy measurement as part of the ongoing work.

Do you want to take control of the business's energy use? Are you considering ISO 50001? A first step is to get started with energy measurement as part of the ongoing work.


More and more companies in the manufacturing industry choose to certify themselves for ISO 50001. The goal is to make their energy use more efficient. Increased requirements for sustainability reporting and rising energy prices are two strong incentives to start working in a structured manner with energy efficiency. 


What advantages does ISO 50001 provide and how do you get started with a continuous energy measurement?

What is ISO 50001?

Energy management helps businesses measure, monitor and streamline energy use. Companies can certify their energy management system according to ISO 50001. It is a standard developed by ISO back in 2011. The current version 50001:2018 was released in August 2018. 

The standard gives your business the right conditions to:


  1. Lower your energy costs
  2. Manage and control your energy management work
  3. Make your energy use more efficient
  4. Reduce your total environmental impact.

Requirements for energy measurement are part of ISO 50001

A requirement for ISO 50001 is that large companies must make a survey of their energy use. By starting to measure your energy use today, you can collect relevant data in a structured way. Measuring energy use is also one of four recurring parts of the work: 


  1. Management work and design of policies
  2. Set relevant operational goals
  3. Continuous energy measurement
  4. Follow-up of the work

The manufacturing industry has a great need to collect all energy data in one place. Only when you have a complete overview can you work in a structured way with analysis to make use more efficient.

Several reasons to start measuring energy use

With SenseNode Energy Analytics, it is easy to collect all energy data. The only thing you need is a central unit and a number of measuring points. If you don't have internet in any facility, we can solve it with a 4G card. 


The best thing you can do is start measuring your energy use. A requirement to be certified according to ISO 50001 is that you measure all energy use, but the step to get started is less than that. With SenseNode, you can start by measuring the energy use in a facility, and then scale up the system over time. 


Our solution is based on cloud-based technology that can handle large amounts of data for flexible analysis based on your needs. The interface in Energy Analytics makes it easy to produce reports, compare energy use over time and make energy culprits in the facility visible.

Can energy measurement reduce your costs?

By making the energy visible, you invest every month in a more sustainable company. In addition, the cost of energy is a heavy item for all companies in the manufacturing industry. By taking control of energy use, you can work more cost-effectively. 


With Energy Analytics, you get a visual analysis of all consumed energy and an estimated CO2 value. It gives you energy-efficient and transparent production, from start to finished product. 


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