ISO 50 001

ISO 50001 is an international standard that offers a proven and structured approach to energy efficiency through a so-called Energy Management System. The standard requires continuous measurement and optimization of the largest energy consumers.

SenseNode provides all the functionality required for successful ISO 50001 XNUMX tasks. In addition, energy efficiency expertise is included through our advisory program. Continuously measuring and implementing sustainability initiatives not only gives you a competitive advantage.

It also enhances the company's visibility in sustainability reports, especially regarding Scope 3 emissions.

ISO 50 001

International Standard for Energy Management

ISO 50001 means that the business establishes a process to continuously improve its energy usage. An energy team is created and an energy policy is defined. The work is also anchored in management and a management representative is appointed. The work is carried out cyclically through the Plan-Do-Act-Check framework, which is briefly described below. 


Collect and analyze energy usage data. This is done by identifying the biggest energy consumers and define targets and key numbers. An action plan is then determined.


Implement the actions established in the planning phase. Verify measurement and control mechanisms to ensure that improvements are sustained.

Follow up

Measure and verify the improvements made. Monitor and react to deviations detected by control mechanisms.


Evaluate, communicate progress and results in the organization and allow management to review the work.

All Required Functionality for Successful ISO 50 001 Implementation


Use Energy Analytics report templates for ISO 50 001, for follow-up and management reporting.

Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs)

Create and follow up relevant Energy Performance Indicators, EnPIs, such as energy per turnover or unit produced.

Identify Significant Energy Users (SEU)

As part of ISO 50 001, the largest energy consumers must be identified and prioritized. With continuous measurement, you can make an informed and correct decision about where your focus should be directed.

"We have many customers who achieve good results by working in the structured and proven way that ISO 50 001 entails."

Daniel Ling

Business Developer, SenseNode

Energy Expertise Through the Advisory Program

Through the advisory program, you get access to experienced energy engineers who help you in all stages of an ISO certification.

Energy metering structure

As part of the collaboration with us, a proper mapping and review of energy use is included. This can be the basis for the system work within the framework of ISO 50 001.

Identify action plan

Using the data as a starting point, our senior energy engineer creates a plan of actions.

Continuous follow-up

The advisory program includes continuous follow-ups on a monthly basis to ensure progress in the energy optimization work.


Can you certify companies with ISO 50 001?

SenseNode acts as a party that provides functionality and guidance in the energy management system. We therefore do not certify companies, but are happy to cooperate with certifying parties.

In what way do you facilitate ISO 50 001?

We provide all the functionality and measurement required for an ISO certification. This means everything from analysis tools such as correlation analysis, time series comparison to the actual measurement data collection.

What do you add to the documentation?

Energy Analytics does not replace all the documentation required for ISO 50 001, but can accommodate all relevant data and is an excellent tool for reporting.

How do you collect and disseminate data within the framework of your energy management system?

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