Extreme cold and high electricity prices - how should companies think then?

January 2 2024

Winter has swept across the country with extreme cold, resulting in increased electricity use to heat houses and premises, among other things. In these cold times, every megawatt counts, and pricing becomes sensitive to supply and demand. The coming winter and spring's price development is highly dependent on the weather, and the long-term forecast currently points to a cold January, with winds also expected to be weaker than normal.

Increased electricity prices, for those with variable rates, mean a significant increase in energy costs for businesses. This development can have tangible consequences for companies' results and finances and can force certain industries to temporarily shut down their production. In order for companies not to become vulnerable due to the fluctuating electricity prices and uncertain weather conditions, we see an opportunity for companies to rethink, adapt and invest in long-term sustainable solutions.

Optimize energy performance with innovative solutions

We at SenseNode understand the ongoing challenges and are helpful in companies' transformation and optimization of energy use. With our expertise and innovative approach, we offer a solution to manage the high electricity prices in an efficient way but also to work long-term with energy use.

Optimize energy performance

We help companies optimize their energy use by identifying and implementing improvement measures.

SenseNode Energy Analytics

With our innovative and user-friendly platform for energy management - SenseNode Energy Analytics - companies can gain detailed insight into their energy use. This not only enables cost savings, but also promotes more sustainable energy use.

Energy efficiency and smart solutions

A combination of energy efficiency and smart solutions is the key to dealing with these challenges successfully.

Energy consultancy

Our dedicated energy experts work continuously to support our customers and optimize their energy use.

In times like these, efficient energy management becomes essential to ensure the sustainability and financial well-being of companies. We help you through these challenging times and create an energy-efficient and financially sustainable future.

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