Energy Tips From Our Energy Expert Magnus Holfelt

5 May 2024

Measure at a detailed level, discover unnecessary energy usage and maximize productivity

#1 Measuring at a High Resolution Unveils Unnecessary Energy Usage and Maximize Productivity

Many companies face the challenge of having full insight and control over their production and energy use. Not being able to monitor and measure at a detailed level can lead to increased costs and lost revenue.


By accurately measuring and monitoring energy usage at different levels, companies can implement measures to reduce their usage and at the same time save money. Another important aspect of detailed energy usage is that it can be decisive for following and fulfilling sustainability goals. Many companies strive to reduce their environmental impact and monitor energy use closely as part of their sustainability strategy.


With SenseNode's solution, companies can discover inefficient processes and equipment that, for example, isn't shut down when not performing any work.


"It is crucial to have access to detailed measurements in order to optimize the production process and minimize unnecessary costs. Our meters, in combination with our proprietary analysis tool Energy Analytics, help companies to effectively identify and remedy these problem areas," says Magnus Holfelt, Senior Energy Expert at SenseNode.

Measuring Is Knowing

SenseNode's meters collect high-quality energy data with a minimal margin of error. Using advanced technology, they provide reliable and accurate results that help companies make informed decisions and optimize their production processes.


Companies that have already installed SenseNode's solution have seen significant reductions in energy costs and improvements in product quality and productivity. By monitoring energy use in production at a detailed level, they can quickly identify inefficient areas and take measures to optimize production and increase efficiency.


In conclusion, by measuring at a granular level and acting on the insights, companies can make a significant difference in terms of cost savings, efficiency and sustainability.

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