Energy monitoring

March 18, 2023

Find out where the energy is being used. Energy monitoring is the basis of energy efficiency. Without accurate measurement data, decisions and actions are based on estimates and guesswork.

Find out where the energy is being used. Energy monitoring is the basis of energy efficiency. Without accurate measurement data, decisions and actions are based on estimates and guesswork. Through our Energy Management System, you get a successful tool to improve energy efficiency. For the price of a few coffee machines.

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Energy monitoring and energy monitoring systems

Within the engineering industry, process industry and other energy industries, energy monitoring is the very basis for successful energy efficiency. Even real estate companies have money to make by implementing energy monitoring. But what does energy monitoring really mean and what is an energy monitoring system?


Energy monitoring is about measuring and monitoring facilities, machines, factories, etc. The aim is to keep track of your energy consumption at all times and raise an alarm in cases where something ends up outside the normal range. When you set up measurement at all the places where you need to measure, you monitor all the data via a so-called energy monitoring system. 


Energy monitoring has a very positive ROI (return of investment). It costs relatively little to implement energy monitoring, but the money you can make by identifying places where there is abnormal energy consumption - can be large.


The system is self-running and costs very little to maintain. No labor is required to keep the systems running, but the systems present data to the user who can make analyzes and draw conclusions.

Energy monitoring and digitization

Nowadays, energy monitoring takes place via computer systems. Cloud services retrieve measurement data in real time and analyze the data in a way that was previously not possible. The cloud solutions are also good at increasing the availability of data. A cloud service can be accessed wherever you are. The only thing needed is a computer and internet connection. This means that users of the systems can be dispersed geographically and thus do not need to be physically present at the facility being monitored. 


Energy monitoring also opens up opportunities to implement fairer billing, for example for property owners. You can then identify large power withdrawals and let whoever is responsible for these pay their share. When you make various calculations on products and want to know how much of the total energy consumption should be charged to the individual product, data from energy monitoring comes in handy. The possibilities with energy monitoring are endless and the smart thing about the system is that the data can be picked up and used in many different ways via integrations.

IIoT and energy monitoring

IIoT stands for Industrial Internet of Things and involves the digitization of industry itself. IIoT is in constant development and it is moving forward quickly. Things that previously had to be managed manually or on site at, for example, a factory, can now be digitized and sent to the cloud. This has fundamentally changed the way you work with the control and monitoring of machines and factories. Now operators can work from home and have access to data directly via their own internet connection. 


By implementing measurement of a system that reliably provides accurate data, one can also improve the conclusions that can be drawn during a so-called energy mapping.

Integrations between energy monitoring systems

Another advantage of building up energy monitoring in the cloud is that you can create integrations to other business-critical systems and thus transfer the data there. Here, the possibilities are basically unlimited.


You have raw data from the energy monitoring and it is available in the cloud. Via an integration, many different types of systems can then access that data and use it for different purposes.

SenseNode at the forefront of energy monitoring

SenseNode works to digitize operations in a future-proof manner. By working with the entire chain, from, for example, the installation of meters that provide accurate data, to platforms for energy monitoring and various modules for analysis, SenseNode can provide an overall solution that many different types of businesses can use to save money and become more efficient. 


Modern energy monitoring looks very different from how it was done a few years ago. At that time, successful energy monitoring required that workers physically make measurements and keep records of measurement values. Then you had to sit down and analyze all the data you collected and draw conclusions. Today's modern solutions make all this completely automated! Digitize your energy monitoring and gain greater control over your business.

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