The Next Generation Energy Management System

Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics is a user-friendly, cloud-based Energy Management System developed in close collaboration with our customers to meet the needs of the industry. It offers customizable dashboards and reports, is easy to use, and includes alarms and insights for efficient energy management.

User-friendly and Powerful

Engage and Share

With an unlimited number of users and external sharing, it becomes possible for the entire organization to be involved in the transformation of the business.

Monitoring in Real Time

Measure and analyze the entire business's energy use minute by minute.


Tailor reports and dashboards to your specific needs and turn complex data into actionable insights.

Energy Analytics in Brief


Keep track of what's happening in your business right now, regardless of whether it's solar cell production, district heating or knowing which machines are running in a production line.

Get real-time insights with customizable dashboards that monitor a wide range of metrics from energy use to temperature and gas volume. The dashboards enable you to make quick, informed decisions and ensure that you succeed in sustaining energy-smart routines and behaviors over time. 


Easily analyze real-time energy data at a detailed level with SenseNode's analysis tools. Switch from long-term trends on all your measurement to minute details on individual sensors in the same view. Compare the energy use before/after action, between different machines, production lines and time intervals.  


Strengthen your energy management with the report tool where you can follow energy and climate impact over time. Get important insights for strategic decisions through our reporting tools.   

In the report view, it is easy to create templates for CSRD, energy mapping (EKL) and ISO 50 001 (energy management system). It is also possible to create reports for internal billing, cost distribution, etc. 

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Open and easy-to-integrate API for access to all necessary energy data within the company.

Unlimited number of users

Share, invite and engage more employees at different levels in the company.

Correlations ​

Compare different sensors and energy measurements with effective correlation analysis.

Geographical independence

Simple management and overview of several production facilities (multi-site) regardless of geographical location. Configure access rights per user.

Production data

Using this function, it is possible to combine production data with energy data, which improves the precision of key figures such as "energy per unit produced". Import your production data and enable analysis of how energy usage varies with production volume and identify when energy usage does not correspond to production levels.


Receive notifications about deviations in energy usage so you can act early on missing routines or approaching errors. This in turn can prevent costly downtime or other problems that affect the quality of your products negatively.

How do you visualize and analyze your energy today?

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