Energy Mapping, EKL

Through detailed measurement and mapping of energy usage, proposals for changes can be drawn up. These lead to lower energy usage, reduced operating costs and climate impact. 

With detailed on-site measurement, it becomes easy and cost-effective to do energy mapping according to the legal requirements. The energy surveyor can perform parts of their work remotely, which means lower travel costs and fewer visits. A cost-effective solution that contributes to increased sustainability, especially for larger operations with several facilities in different geographical locations. 

What Is Energy Mapping?

In accordance to the EU's Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), larger companies within the EU are obliged to carry out energy mapping every four years. The energy mapping results in a comprehensive report that describes the company's total energy consumption. This report is then the basis for measures to increase energy efficiency. In addition, it describes a strategic roadmap for the business. A plan that includes goals such as monitoring energy usage, reducing operating costs and reducing environmental impact. 

Future-Proof for New Requirements

During the period 2024-2027, new requirements for EKL will be added. This means more companies will be covered as well as requirements for increased reporting. New requirements will force companies with an annual energy usage between 2,8 and 23,6 GWh to carry out energy mapping either with certified energy mappers or with energy management systems, alternatively environmental management systems, with an addendum for energy mapping.  

Increased Focus on Energy Efficiency

In the revised directive (EED) that governs EKL, an increased focus on energy efficiency improvements and energy savings appears, mainly in the form of a higher mandatory energy efficiency target and a doubled end-use savings target. This means increased investments in energy efficiency improvement actions.

Companies With High Energy Consumption Must Implement Energy Management Systems

Companies with an annual energy consumption of more than 23,6 GWh will have to introduce energy management systems (ISO 50001), alternatively environmental management systems with additions for energy mapping. Here, measurement and continuous follow-up are fundamental components.

Use EKL for real efficiency improvement work. Get a much better action assessment and not a paper product.

Magnus Holfelt

Senior Energy Engineer, SenseNode

Faster, Cheaper and Better Energy Mapping with Energy Analytics

With Energy Analytics, you can focus on the actual energy efficiency work and reduce the administrative overhead significantly.

Action Plan with Energy Measures

Use the changes and action plans you have access to in the ongoing work together with SenseNode's energy engineers.

Verify Actions

Through real-time measurement and follow-up, you have the opportunity to actually know whether the actions are having the desired effect.

See Distribution and Division Between Consumers

Split the energy usage into property, production, storage, etc. in the manner prescribed by EKL.


What applies to company groups?

As a company group, you do an overall EKL including all sites. You can prioritize what should be included, based on those with the highest energy usage. Each individual site needs to do its energy mapping according to the statements in the overall energy mapping.

I rent my premises, should they be included in EKL?

You are only obliged to map the parts of the business that you have control over. In rented premises, the tenant usually has control over the energy of his own business, but not over the building's energy use. However, the Energy Agency recommends that you work with your property owner to get an overall picture of your energy use.

How do I report?

The report that is made must be kept by the companies and does not need to be sent in. The Energy Agency can, however, request the report in connection with supervision, follow-up and via a reporting procedure.

How do you benefit from working with EKL?

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