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Connect Purpose to Technology

Are you tasked with streamlining your energy use or reporting energy data to the company's scope 3 reporting? As a leader, you need to set a goal and create conditions for everyone to contribute within the framework of their normal work flow. Leadership cannot be done by anyone else, but information and nudging will do a large part of the work towards the goal in everyday life.

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Is the time before the next growth phase used optimally? 

There is talk that the economy could possibly start to lighten up in the second half of 2024. Everyone is looking forward to production starting to spin again after 2023's uncertainty and slowdown. Although the PMI for the industry fluctuates up and down on a monthly basis, the trend has been positive for a few months now, which may indicate that the bottom is starting to be reached. Sweden and the USA have the most positive purchasing managers if you disregard China, which is in growth according to Silf and Swedbank's Purchasing Managers Index for December 2023. 

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Extreme cold and high electricity prices - how should companies think then?

Winter has swept across the country with extreme cold, resulting in increased electricity use to heat houses and premises, among other things. In these cold times, every megawatt counts, and pricing becomes sensitive to supply and demand. The coming winter and spring's price development is highly dependent on the weather, and the long-term forecast currently points to a cold January, with winds also expected to be weaker than normal.

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How Do You Track Your Peak Power Usage From the Utility?

Your business consumes power from the electricity grid every second. The peak power sets the price level for the subscription, regardless of what the power demand otherwise looks like. Therefore, there is every reason to ensure that the maximum peak power is as tight to the actual need, and as even over time as possible. Can you follow your power consumption in real time and get an idea of ​​what the need actually looks like so you can flatten out any power needs over time?

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Product calculation

In order for a product calculation to be as accurate as possible, you need the right data. It is important to find out exactly what costs each product will bear. Only then can you get an idea of ​​the profitability of the product.

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