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What is the difference between a control system and an Energy Management System?

The simple answer is that a control system and Energy Management System (EMS) have different purposes and areas of focus, although they may partially overlap. An Energy Management System (EMS) makes it possible to understand the energy use in a facility or industrial operation, i.e. to help the business reduce its energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions by identifying and managing energy losses and leakage. While a control system is a broader term that can be used in areas such as industrial automation, process control, machine control and building automation. Although the systems may overlap in terms of energy use, there are reasons to use an EMS in addition to a control system to improve energy efficiency and achieve optimal energy use.

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Energy monitoring

Find out where the energy is being used. Energy monitoring is the basis of energy efficiency. Without accurate measurement data, decisions and actions are based on estimates and guesswork.

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Why choose a SaaS solution?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is in practice a service provided over the internet. Instead of installing software on a computer or server, it is available directly over the internet, for example via a website or an app. The supplier is responsible for the infrastructure and the technical know-how.

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