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Energy monitoring

Find out where the energy is being used. Energy monitoring is the basis of energy efficiency. Without accurate measurement data, decisions and actions are based on estimates and guesswork.

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How Do You Track Your Peak Power Usage From the Utility?

Your business consumes power from the electricity grid every second. The peak power sets the price level for the subscription, regardless of what the power demand otherwise looks like. Therefore, there is every reason to ensure that the maximum peak power is as tight to the actual need, and as even over time as possible. Can you follow your power consumption in real time and get an idea of ​​what the need actually looks like so you can flatten out any power needs over time?

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Switchgear and unnecessary power peaks

Power peaks occur when there is a high load on the electricity grid, which makes it even more expensive for the electricity companies to deliver electricity and thus also more expensive for the consumer.

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