IS Plåt Succeeded in Making Operations 30% More Energy Efficient

IS Plåt faced challenges with increasing costs and no energy usage control. By installing SenseNode's energy management system, the company was able to optimize its energy usage and act upon the suggested actions resulting in significant savings.

Results in Numbers

Total reduced energy
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Through behavioral changes, adjustment of air conditioning and investments.


At a network meeting (Industrinätverket) in 2021, Erik Ralvert came in contact with SenseNode for the first time. At this time, IS Plåt faced the challenge of increasing costs and it was difficult to control the energy usage. There was an awareness that the company could become more energy efficient.


After installing 16 measurement points and implementing SenseNode's energy management system, it became easy for IS Plåt to monitor and analyze its energy use in a detailed way and actively find opportunities for energy and cost savings. With the help of SenseNode Energy Analytics, IS Plåt was able to identify a number of different improvement actions.


They started by analyzing the air compressor, using SenseNode Energy Analytics they discovered it was running in the evenings when no work was being done. It turned out this was the result of about 10-15 air leaks that could now be fixed. Another problem discovered was that one of the laser machines was releasing air when it was in standby mode. That leak was also fixed.


Additional measures implemented to optimize energy usage included installing controlled valves to section the compressed air network, and adapting the ventilation by implementing smart functions, such as control scheduled to specific times and temperature conditions.


The AC, which was previously running constantly, was also adjusted. With smart settings, energy usage was minimized. They also reviewed the working hours and introduced a work schedule to limit work on Sundays. This resulted in all units being shut down one day per week.

"We at IS Plåt manufacture for a better life."

Erik Ralvert

CEO at IS Plåt

The Result

In 2022, IS Plåt installed solar panels, which provided further energy savings. Prior to installing solar panels, they achieved an impressive 30% energy savings by proactively acting on the insights from SenseNode Energy Analytics. The company was able to not only reduce their costs, but also improve their energy efficiency and climate footprint.


Clear visual overview

The key to success in energy efficiency work lies in understanding your energy usage and to act upon it. SenseNode Energy Analytics provides a clear visual overview of which devices and processes use the most energy, enabling targeted actions to improve efficiency and energy performance.

Data black on white

Getting a "black and white" overview of the business's energy consumption was crucial for IS Plåt in order to be able to make informed and strategic decisions and then be able to minimize its costs and environmental impact.

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