Rapid Energy Improvements with Low Investment for DOT Halmstad

DOT, specializing in surface treatment, has swiftly reduced energy consumption and increased profitability through a successful partnership with SenseNode. By insulating a large zinc kettle, optimizing production, and reducing demand charges, DOT has achieved significant energy savings with minimal investment.

Results in Numbers

Reduced energy use in 6 months
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Compared to the previous period

About DOT

DOT specializes in various surface treatment methods, including hot-dip galvanizing, metallizing, and painting. Founded in Denmark in 1984, the company now operates facilities in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. 


They had already begun their efficiency work, such as switching to LED lighting, which had a positive impact on both the work environment and energy savings. They were now ready for the next step in their efficiency efforts.


DOT's production involves energy-intensive processes, making energy a central part of increasing sustainability and profitability. Therefore, they initiated a partnership with SenseNode, starting with their production unit in Halmstad. 


One of the largest energy consumers is the large zinc kettle. However, side processes and other parts of the production, including a smaller zinc kettle whose profitability was difficult to evaluate, were also of interest to investigate. 

With our partner SenseNode, we have achieved results that speak for themselves.

Dennis Nielsen

Technical director - DOT A/S

Solution and Result

In just a few months, DOT, together with SenseNode, identified and implemented three energy-efficient measures: 
Insulating the Zinc Kettle

By insulating the large zinc kettle, a significant reduction in energy consumption was identified. Before measuring, it was unclear how large the difference would be and what the effort was worth. With the new insulation, an annual energy saving of at least 221 MWh is expected, which corresponds to more than 5% of the total annual consumption and a reduction in the base load by 25%.

Shutting Down Smaller Production Units

SenseNode's solution enabled DOT to accurately measure the profitability of a smaller zinc pot that was used less frequently. By comparing the energy use with the production, it was determined that the boiler was not profitable, which led to the production being rescheduled to other facilities with similar boilers. In total, the change meant reduced energy use of 648 MWh per year.

Demand Charges

By analyzing their demand curve, DOT was able to reduce their demand charges from 800 kW to 700 kW, resulting in lower costs.


Clear Goals Lead to Quick Results

DOT's success demonstrates how crucial it is to have clear goals and concrete actions to achieve them. By focusing on specific energy consumers, like the zinc kettle, and implementing targeted improvements, significant savings can be made in a short time.

The Value of getting Data "Black on White"

Energy data for individual consumers helped make decisions for profitability and sustainability, such as redirecting production, creating insulation, and reducing demand charges.

Engaged Team and Collaboration

The collaboration involved an engaged team with representatives from management and production. With SenseNode's addition of energy expertise, the partnership became productive and efficient.

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