Baosteel Reduced Energy Consumption Using Detailed Metering

Baosteel needed to review how they could improve their energy efficiency and thereby reduce electricity consumption per unit produced.

Results in Numbers

Energy efficiency
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Since Baosteel implemented SenseNode's solution, they have reduced their electricity consumption by 20%. 


Baosteel needed to review how they could improve their energy efficiency and thereby reduce electricity consumption per unit produced. There was a lack of measurement at a detailed level in the various process lines. With additional measurement, it would also be possible to report CO ₂ impact and energy consumption per produced unit to its customers.

Energy efficiency work had already been started. For example, switching to LED lighting have had a positive effect on both the work environment and energy savings. Now they were ready for the next step in the efficiency improvement work.


In March 2022, installation of SenseNode's energy monitoring system began to identify opportunities for energy savings. 25 measuring points were installed and with the help of SenseNode's experts these were configured and connected to our cloud-based analysis tool Energy Analytics. With the help of the analysis tool, Baosteel was able to get a clear overview of its energy consumption and gain insight into areas where it could improve its processes and reduce its energy consumption and costs.

"With Energy Analytics, it became very clear how much less energy the new machines consumed compared to the old ones."

Karl Larsson

Technical Maintenance Manager Baosteel Tailored Blanks Sweden

The Result

With the help of the analysis tool Energy Analytics, Baosteel was able to reduce its energy costs without having to sacrifice production quality. In addition, they were able to increase their awareness of how they could improve efficiency and thus also reduce their environmental impact. Among other things, by removing unnecessary base load and thus optimizing the production process, as well as replacing old machines and investing in more energy-efficient alternatives. An investment that really made a difference on both energy consumption and their total costs. By measuring, analyzing, following up and taking action, Baosteel managed to reduce their energy consumption by 5% in less than 9 months and this is just the beginning of their work to make their business more energy efficient.


Open and easy to use

SenseNode delivers the most easy-to-use operational monitoring system on the market. The system is an open, flexible and secure IIoT platform for connecting all types of meters and sensors, wireless or wired. The platform can be integrated with existing systems or used standalone and is modular, scalable and future-proof.

Continuous analysis with detailed data

With SenseNode's Energy Analytics, it is easy to set clear goals for your energy efficiency work. The system provides detailed information on where the energy is consumed. Analyze and continuously follow up the recommended measures to then see the results and potential for further energy savings.

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