Beckers Reduced Consumption by 25% Through Reliable Control of Electricity Consumption

Beckers, one of Sweden's oldest paint brands, has taken big steps towards sustainability and energy efficiency through collaboration with SenseNode. By combining technology and awareness, Beckers has not only optimized its energy usage patterns but also set the bar for a greener future.

About Becker's

With 150 years, Beckers is one of Sweden's oldest paint brands and the rainbow is one of our most famous logos. The company is today one of the leading paint manufacturers in Sweden and has also established itself on the Norwegian and Danish markets. Beckers, which had previously been primarily the choice of professional painters, also presented a range of products for consumers during the 1950s.

-Founded in 1967 

– 152 employees

– About SEK 548 million in turnover (2022) 

Results in Numbers

Streamlining with time management​
0 %

Just by controlling the ventilation and AC systems using time schedules, Beckers managed to reduce their electricity consumption by 15 %. 

Total efficiency
0 %

Since Beckers implemented SenseNode's solution, they have reduced their electricity consumption by 25 %. 


Beckers came into contact with SenseNode in 2021. At that time there was an interest in energy efficiency as well as a need for a more reliable and efficient understanding and control of electricity consumption. There were problems with the existing system which sometimes reset and had difficulty following desired time schedules. The goal was clear: reduce electricity consumption and the company's environmental impact. 

They had already begun their efficiency work, such as switching to LED lighting, which had a positive impact on both the work environment and energy savings. They were now ready for the next step in their efficiency efforts.


24 meters were installed distributed over Becker's various buildings and processes, which provided a detailed and visual picture of the electricity consumption in Energy Analytics. By using SenseNode's solution, Beckers was able to reduce electricity consumption from 6,86 GWh to an impressive 5,2 GWh. This happened without major investments, with measures such as changing to LED lighting, using timers for lighting and creating awareness among employees that e.g. turn off equipment that is not in use.  

Andreas advises

First look at the total electricity consumption, and then at days when you do not have production to remove unnecessary electricity consumption. After that, you can focus on energy efficiency.

Andreas Wikström

Director Of Operations at Becker Industrial Coatings AB

The Result

Electricity consumption decreased significantly. The biggest difference in electricity consumption was setting the time schedule for the ventilation and AC system, which had previously failed. This could be done without any major investment. Investments in LED lighting and timers showed clear results, while employee awareness increased. Through SenseNode's solution, Becker's Energy Mapping and ISO 50001 audit have been facilitated, as the system easily can show their energy efficiency, what measures they have taken and the results thereof.  

The next step in Becker's energy efficiency work will be to focus on heat and make some minor investments. But, above all to always think about energy when making new investments and updating processes. 


Visual overview important for understanding

To be able to implement optimal energy efficiency measures, it is of great importance to see both historical and current data. This is to identify deviations over time. With SenseNode Energy Analytics, you get a visual overview of the business's energy use, with the help of graphs and charts. This overview is important to share with the entire organization in order to engage them and create an understanding of why certain measures related to electricity consumption are implemented.

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