Work proactively and simplify sustainability reporting in accordance with the new CSRD directive

July 2, 2023

From budget year 2024, the new EU directive CSRD comes into force and entails new requirements for companies' sustainability reporting and that it will be part of the management report. The directive will not only require reporting, but also how to carry out your sustainability work, i.e. not only reporting indicators and data but also strategies, goals and processes.

New requirements with the CSRD directive

Higher demands will be placed on data quality and reporting processes, which in turn means that clear activity plans with goals, key figures and measures will be required, from management level all the way down to operational activities.


With SenseNode's solution, you can work proactively with your goals linked to your energy use. With the collection of energy data at a detailed level that is also traceable, you can visualize energy use, get an overview of your total environmental impact throughout the business, act on deviations, improve processes and continuously follow up on your goals. With our Energy Analytics platform, you can easily export the data you need to report according to the CSRD directive in the desired format to your overall sustainability system.


- Follow up on your goals and report energy use with suggested measures.

- Control over the total environmental impact, you measure CO2 impact per unit produced.

-Connect multiple facilities regardless of location, to bring out the organization's global energy use.

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