Are time and resource shortages an obstacle to energy efficiency? 

February 25 2024

As a result, the insights about the business's energy use and environmental impact are stuck with one or a few people in the entire organization. Usually the ones who pay the bills. As a logical consequence, the risk increases that unused energy efficiency potential will never be realized.  

Connect the purpose with technology and reach the goal faster 

Companies must be able to focus on their core business and at the same time enable everyone in the organization to act as natural "efficiency enhancers" within the framework of their normal work flow. It is absolutely not intended that one or a couple of people in an organization should hold together the energy efficiency work and then delegate and follow up each action manually. It is neither cost-effective, scalable nor sustainable. 


Rather, it is about creating the conditions to act on momentarily at the organization's fingertips and being clear about what applies through governing documents such as policies, processes and routines. Being energy smart must be part of everyday life by making energy use visible where it can be affected, linking it to setpoints and limit values, working proactively with alarms and getting the work into the normal workflow outside the business. Then you have a good start.

All target and limit values ​​must be drawn up by someone, who does it?  

If you measure, you know what is a good target or limit value to begin with. That analysis is done based on the power curve or energy profile linked to the production and it is advantageous to have a partner who helps with this while the organization focuses on the core business. 


The advice is to get a competent partner with the entire toolbox for data collection, energy analysis, advice and really good service. All so that an energy efficiency project will be as successful as possible with a reasonable effort and the least possible risk of missing the target.

About SenseNode

Our customers are large companies in the manufacturing industry that place high demands on quality, data accuracy and reporting. They work purposefully with sustainability and energy efficiency, without losing focus on the core business to strengthen competitiveness and profitability. These are companies that usually have high machine capacity, use a lot of energy (often over 5 GWh/plant), have billions of SEK in revenue and a network of several plants.


SenseNode's user-friendly SaaS solution collects all the necessary energy data at a detailed level from the facilities, regardless of number or geographic location, all on one screen. With the help of SenseNode's solution, our customers have reduced their energy use by approximately 10-20%. In addition, the solution provides automatic reports, which facilitates the work of complying with legal requirements, such as CSRD.

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