We add knowledge in energy efficiency


Do you lack knowledge to work on energy optimization? Good, we have it.


Energy efficiency work often depends on two factors: structure and competence. Structure for the workflow and the distribution of responsibilities, and competence to prioritize measures based on potential and effort. Through the Advisory program, you get access to both these factors.


We add a proven process and structure for energy efficiency work. You also get access to experienced and competent civil engineers with experience in energy optimization in industry.

Partnership From Start to Finish

Continually optimizing energy usage is not just about measurement. That is just a first step to enable the real work. This is why the advisory program is included for all our customers, which gives you access to experienced systematization, continuous energy efficiency work and more in-depth investigations.  

Energy metering structure

Together with the relevant party from your side, we analyze your production setup and select measurement points to get get the most out of the installation.

Continuous improvements

You work closely with our energy expertise to find the best way forward for energy efficiency improvements. This is done via our continuous improvement cycle as described below.


We help with long-term questions regarding the energy issue. This work varies from a ventilation investigation to contacting suppliers of machinery equipment.


Goal-Based Improvements

Based on the experience with some of the largest industries in the Nordics, we have a process for successful energy efficiency work. The program consists of three cornerstones based on the goal. 


Your data is continuously analyzed, based on the ongoing improvement areas.


Meetings usually take place monthly where, based on insights from the analysis work, we provide defined action points.


Implementation of action points. Everything from introducing new routines to investigating whether a certain machine really needs to be switched on during non-production hours.

Meet the People

Magnus Holfelt

With more than 30 years of experience in the energy efficiency field in industry and real estate, investigations and project management in connection with operational changes in the energy and industrial sectors, our energy engineer Magnus is a real heavyweight with deep and broad knowledge in his profession.   

Previously, Magnus has worked for 10 years as a project manager at AFRY (ÅF), 5 years as a technical manager at HK Scan in Kristianstad and a couple of years as an energy engineer at Dalkia.  

Bernt Alpenhoff and Anders Halme

Bernt and Anders are responsible for the delivery of our customer projects and to keep track of support matters. Both have extensive experience as electrical engineers and have worked in various technical fields. Bernt has experience in everything from circuit board design to leadership in maintenance organizations, and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that characterize our field.  


Boost Your Energy Efficiency Work With a Workshop

A workshop can be a way to gather on the energy issue. The workshop starts with a tour of the site, which often rises questions that otherwise would have been missed. After that, there 3-4 slots for modules that you choose from our range of report modules. Unlike the Advisory program, the workshop is an additional service.


Is advisory included or is it an additional service?

It is always included as standard.

How many hours per month are included in the advisory?

As standard 3 hours/month where our energy engineer divides the time between analysis work (approx. 1 hour), monthly online meeting with the customer (approx. 1 hour) and documentation and compilation (approx. 1 hour).

Can an energy engineer come to visit our factory?

Absolutely, the best way for is for you to book a workshop (half or full day). See the above heading workshop.

How do you solve the issue of energy competence and continuous follow-up today?

Talk to me about how you measure, create processes and work with continuous improvement.

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