Baosteel reduced its energy consumption using detailed measurements

Baosteel needed to review how to increase its energy efficiency and reduce the energy consumption per produced unit.


Baosteel needed to review how to increase its energy efficiency and reduce the energy consumption per produced unit. A lack of detailed measurements in various process lines hindered their ability to accurately assess energy usage and report the corresponding CO2 impact to their customers. Building on initial efforts, such as the adoption of LED lighting, which positively impacted both the work environment and energy savings, Baosteel sought to further enhance its efficiency practices.


In March 2022, Baosteel begun the installation of SenseNode’s energy monitoring system, targeting opportunities for energy savings. Deploying 25 measuring points, expertly configured, and integrated into the cloud-based analysis tool, Energy Analytics, the company gained a clear overview of its energy consumption. This insightful data enabled Baosteel to identify areas for process optimisation, leading to reductions in energy consumption and related costs.


By utilizing our analysis tool Energy Analytics, Baosteel successfully reduced its energy costs without compromising production quality. The company’s heightened awareness of energy efficiency improvements enabled the removal of unnecessary base loads and the optimisation of production processes. Furthermore, Baosteel invested in newer, more energy-efficient machinery, yielding substantial benefits in energy consumption and costs. Through ongoing measurement, analysis, follow-up, and proactive measures, Baosteel accomplished an impressive 5% reduction in energy consumption during the initial 9 months of collaboration.


SenseNode stands out as the market leader, providing an unparalleled user-friendly energy monitoring system. The platform features an open, flexible, and secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) infrastructure, enabling seamless connectivity with various meters and sensors, both wirelessly and through wired means. It can be easily integrated into existing systems or utilized as a standalone solution, underpinned by a modular, scalable, and future-proof design.

Energy Analytics empowers Baosteel to set clear energy efficiency goals and gain detailed insights into energy usage and consumption patterns. The platform enables continuous analysis and follow-up on recommended measures, thus presenting tangible results and the potential for further energy savings, driving Baosteel’s commitment to sustainability and resource optimisation.