Methods for monitoring power consumption from the grid provider

Effective monitoring and management of power consumption is crucial for optimizing energy efficiency and reducing costs. By accurately tracking power usage from the grid provider in real-time, businesses can gain valuable insights into their actual demand and adjust their power needs accordingly. This allows for a more balanced distribution of power over time, resulting in lower subscription fees and a more sustainable use of energy.

There are various factors that contribute to excessive power consumption, including electric motors, dryers, ovens, refrigeration units, ventilation systems, lighting, compressed air compressors, charging stations, and personnel behaviour and habits. By identifying these costly habits and actively working towards tightening energy needs, businesses can save both money and the environment.

What is power subscription?

Power subscriptions, also known as subscribed power, serve as a form of grid usage fee for energy-intensive operations. The purpose of these subscriptions is to ensure that customers only pay for the power they actually use while incentivizing them to keep their power consumption to a minimum. The price of the subscription is determined by the maximum power required during peak hours. Therefore, businesses that can reduce their reliance on the grid during peak hours will benefit from lower monthly subscription costs.