Gain a comprehensive understanding of your energy consumption and achieve savings in both cost and environmental impact.

We specialize in helping the manufacturing industry in optimizing their energy consumption through our SenseNode Energy Analytics platform. By utilizing real-time data, you can effectively increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Understand your energy usage for enhanced savings and environmental benefit

Our approach to reducing energy consumption within the manufacturing industry is comprehensive and effective. SenseNode offers a complete solution that allows for control and monitoring of energy consumption at every level of the operation process. With our cost-effective, accurate, and real-time data solution, you can optimise your processes and eliminate energy waste at the machine level.

How to achieve energy optimisation using SenseNode

Collect data

Begin by collecting real-time data from various sources such as gas, water, electricity, and district heating.


Analyse the collected real-time data using our user-friendly Energy Analytics tool.


With precise data, you can maximize your energy performance with confidence, without relying on assumptions or uncertainties.

Take action

Our technology includes an alarm function to track variations in energy usage, allowing for timely action.


Automatic reports are generated to provide information on goals, investment calculations, prioritization, and sustainability reporting.


Learn more about how our customers have used SenseNode’s solution to improve their energy efficiency.

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