Increase productivity, reduce energy

SenseNode partners with large manufacturing companies that take sustainability and energy efficiency seriously. We help realize your strategic goals related to sustainability, business and legal compliance.


A Strategic Initiative

Our customers know that energy efficiency is the smartest way to drive the necessary energy transition. In a short time, and without major investments, SenseNode's solution creates increased profitability and a more sustainable production.

Average energy efficiency improvement

Without investments
0 %
With investments
0 %

The most sustainable profitable efficient
kWh is the one you don't consume

The issue of energy usage is a clear starting point for driving strategic initiatives in profitability, productivity and sustainability. By controlling and improving energy use, you create the prerequisites for legal compliance, competitive advantages and sustainability reporting.  


From Data to Business Development


Experienced guidance and expertise in energy efficiency, including everything from planning meter structures to daily energy efficiency work.

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Your partner for energy management

Lack of time and competence for energy efficiency? No problem, we have it.

SenseNode is your partner for energy management, from data collection to achieving results. We offer a proven process, led by our experienced electrical and energy engineers. 

Energy metering structure

Through visits and dialogue, we map your energy use in order to best understand how data collection should be done.

Continuous improvements

An experienced energy engineer runs the energy efficiency work in a proven process, usually through monthly reviews.


The partnership is adapted and be focused on specific issues such as ventilation, heating and machine performance. You will receive action proposals and suggested updates of work processes.

What is your current approach to energy management?

Schedule a meeting with us to discuss how you can benefit from viewing energy as a resource. Let's explore how we can build a partnership for long-term, successful, and sustainable energy management. 

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